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Creating Heatmaps and Clustering in R

Creating Heatmaps and Clustering in R
Udemy Course Coupon ED | Creating Heatmaps and Clustering in R
hclustfun: hclustfun=function(x) hclust(x, method=“ward”). In the R code above, the bluered() function [in gplots package] is used to generate a smoothly varying

What you'll learn
  •  to create colorful heatmaps showing the relationship between species
  • and also gene expression levels between samples
  • how to cluster species/genes in the data sets
  • some knowledge of R
In this video the student will be able to use clustering methods to find clusters in his data. He will also be able to make nice-looking heatmaps using the heatmap and the pheatmap command. Clustering topics such as k-means clustering, PAM clustering, Silhouette plots, and elbow plots will be covered. Minimal familiarity with R coding is required.
Who this course is for:
  • college biology students
  • biology/bioinformatics researchers

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