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Interview Puzzles for Data Science

 Interview Puzzles for Data Science

Udemy Coupon ED | Interview Puzzles for Data Science

Interview Puzzles · #1 Bag of Coins · #2 Prisoners and hats · #3 Blind games · #4 Sand timers · #5 Chaos in the bus · #6 Mad men in a circle. Get Coupon ED

What you'll learn
  • Analytical reasoning and problem solving skills for Data Science and Analytics Interviews
  • Basic Math skills , Knack for Problem Solving and a Smile

Welcome to the course on one of the most important aspects of Data Science Interviews. Problem Solving. Companies across the globe are increasingly relying on problem solving skills to decide on the right talent for their teams. Most companies find training a new member if the new comer has a strong logical bent of mind. In this course, we have collected some of the challenging problems that are asked in Data Science Interviews and have presented solutions for them as well.
This course will prepare you better for Data Science Interviews in the following ways
Enable development of strong foundation in Problem Solving
Build a step by step approach mindset 
How to engage the interviewer by articulating a step by step solution
It is the best course to start developing problem solving skills and be better prepared to handle the brainteaser rounds. Wish you all the best and we hope you see you inside the course
Who this course is for:
  • Freshers who are preparing for entry level Data Science Roles
  • Experienced Professionals looking to be better prepared for Analytics and Data Science Interviews
  • Folks who are willing to Practice Problem Solving and Sharpen their Analytical Reasoning
  • Willing to solve problems

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