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Laravel & Realtime: Build Several Realtime Apps with Laravel

Laravel & Realtime: Build Several Realtime Apps with Laravel

Laravel & Realtime: Build Several Realtime Apps with Laravel | Udemy Coupon ED
Build realtime notifications, games, chat rooms, and more realtime applications with Laravel and Websockets. Get Coupon

What you'll learn

  • Build a realtime notifications application
  • Build a realtime API with Laravel
  • Create a game that works in realtime
  • Create a chat room that works in realtime
  • Transmit private messages and events in realtime
  • Broadcast events and public messages in realtime
  • Master the essences of realtime applications


Learn to build realtime applications with Laravel, using multiple examples along the course.
Everyone talks about realtime applications, but it is not always clear how to achieve it and the advantages that this gives to any project. During this course, I will show you, using multiple approaches with different applications, how to build realtime applications for any of your projects.
Are you looking to interact in realtime and instantly with the users of your projects?
We all should and, in this course, I will show you how to do it in multiple ways on a Laravel project. Additionally, you will be able to use and deploy your own WebSockets server using Laravel WebSockets.

Build multiple realtime applications with Laravel
Initially, realtime applications have a simple way to work. However, there are multiple ways to use realtime data and events depending on the different applications and results you require. In this course, I will show you different approaches to apply and learn to build your own realtime applications with Laravel.
You will learn by creating realtime notifications, a realtime API, a realtime game, a chat, and more.

Use and deploy your own Laravel WebSockets Server
During the course, you will be able to use Laravel WebSockets as an alternative to Pusher to use your own WebSocketsServer.
Laravel WebSockets is a Laravel package using Ratchet PHP, that allows you to create a complete WebSockets server from a Laravel project easily.
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