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Learn JavaScript from Zero

Learn JavaScript from Zero

Udemy Coupon ED | Learn JavaScript from Zero

Learn to build anything you want with JavaScript. Hello, I'm Zell! I helped thousands of students become better frontend developers through my blog and courses.New

What you'll learn

  • JavaScript


  • A base knowledge of HTML


It is a course for beginner. It is better if you have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.
We are going to write JavaScript code. The syntax, data types, numbers and strings.
The objects, arrays, methods and even boleanas.
Events, assignment operators. Variables, var, let and const.
Loops for, while and break. Conditional structures, If else, switches and the ternary operator.
The arrow function. The form validation. The functions and classes.
You can write from scratch all you see on the video or use the file enclosed to every chapter.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner JavaScript developers
Online Course CoupoNED
Online Course CoupoNED I am very happy that there are bloggers who can help my business

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