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Learning Big-Data with Python Spark & Azure, GCP, AWS Cloud

Learning Big-Data with Python Spark & Azure, GCP, AWS Cloud

Learning Big-Data with Python Spark & Azure, GCP, AWS Cloud | Udemy Coupon ED

Learn PySpark with Azure, AWS and GCP Environment, Spark Architecture, 40+ RDDs, Dataframes methods, Cluster Computing. New
Created by Implied Concepts AI

What you'll learn

  • Pyspark, Spark Architecture, CCA 175 Certification
  • 40+ RDD, Dataframes Transformations & Actions
  • BigData, Cloud Computing
  • Azure HDInsights
  • Amazon EMR
  • Google DataProc
  • Spark SQL
  • Big Data Ingestion and Pre-Processing

Learning Python Spark without working knowledge of Cloud is job half learnt. Organization are moving to cloud in their digital transformation journey, and deployment of BigData Framework on cloud under clustered environment is the hottest Big-Data skill set.
This is a unique course where you will not only learn PySpark - the best Big-Data Framework - but also Cluster based cloud computing with Azure HDInsight, AWS EMR and GCP DataProc under one course .
You will learn PySpark with more than 40+ Spark Transformation and Action methods of  Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDD) and Spark Data-frames with hand-on demos.
You will learn about Spark Architecture, Dataframe and RDD concepts.
You will learn how to install necessary libraries of Pyspark.
You will learn how to perform cloud based cluster computing.
You will learn about Big Data Ingestion and Pre-processing examples You will learn SQL in Pyspark.
You can prepare for CCA 175 certification taking this course.

This course is a must and precursor to learn SparkML - most versatile, scalable BigData ML framework.

Who this course is for:

  • Python developers wanting to learn Big Data in Spark
  • BigData on Cloud Environment
  • Hadoop, Hive users wanting to learn Spark
  • If you want to learn Clusters on Azure HDInsights, AWS EMR, and GCP DataProc
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