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Master Excel PowerPivot - Data Analysis & DAX for Beginners

  Master Excel PowerPivot - Data Analysis & DAX for Beginners

Master Excel PowerPivot - Data Analysis & DAX for Beginners | Udemy Coupon Code NED

Use the PowerPivot Data Model & DAX functions to speed up your data analysis. Learn KPIs, Measures & Custom Hierarchies. Get Coupon Code

What you'll learn
  • This is a complete course on mastering PowerPivot
  • You'll learn basic data structure techniques.
  • You'll learn common data relationship definitions.
  • You'll learn basic DAX patterns.
  • You'll learn to construct PivotTables with PowerPivot.
  • You should have access to Excel 365 or Excel 2019
  • There are no other requirements except for an interest in learning PowerPivot
A brief glimpse of PowerPivot's usefulness and capabilities...
This course is designed for all Excel users -- not just power users capable of building incredible Excel worksheets with functions, VBA, and mystical trickery. Even if you never write a single formula, this course will teach you to build basic relationships and create PivotTables from multiple mapped tables without a single formula.
The course will also introduce you to the DAX formula language. DAX is very similar to Excel formulas; however, you do not need to have experience with Excel formulas in order to use them. DAX and it's concept of context can allow you to replicate many complex Excel formulas with very simple DAX formulas.
You'll learn to write formulas that are deceivingly simple yet generate results that seem like magic tricks.
Dramatically increase the your data crunching capabilities with PowerPivot
Learn how to weave datasets together within Excel to create flexible and dynamic reports unlike any you've built before. Incorporate KPIs to give your PivotTable reports dynamic visual cues. Incorporate DAX formulas to create intelligent PivotTables that look-up, link, and allocate values for you.
This course is for anyone new to PowerPivot and applicable to any level of Excel user. You will learn DAX from the beginning stages and you don't need to be an expert in Excel to take this course.
Change your view of PivotTables
Ever spent hours building a table to load into a PivotTable through lookups, references, and connections?
How about creating additional columns of complex calculations using SUMIFS or AVERAGEIFS?
With some basic DAX, you don't need to understand these complex and challenging functions in order to create complex and powerful analytical computations. You can take advantage of the context-based computations within PowerPivot with the relationship definitions you'll learn about to generate tables of data faster than you can imagine.

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