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Model tuning and deployment of neural networks for beginners

Model tuning and deployment of neural networks for beginners

Udemy Coupon ED | Model tuning and deployment of neural networks for beginners
How to deploy machine learning models and neural networks. How to tune and optimize neural networks automatically.New
Created by Dan We

What you'll learn

  • You will be able tune you own neural networks
  • You will use Transfer learning
  • You will learn a fast and easy way to deploy your models on your local host
  • You will use an alternative python library to flask
  • You will train your data science skills
  • We will solve a Image multi classification task together
  • Bonus (Deploy our model on google cloud app engine) (free of charge but requires a credit card registration)


About this course
Let's dive (again) into data science with python and learn how to solve a multi image classification challenge using tensorflow. We learn how to automatically tune our machine learning / neural network models. We also apply transfer learning. Finally we learn about a smart and easy way in python to create a website and deploy machine learning models (no HTML needed!)
This course is a complement to my other course
"Deploying machine learning models with flask for beginners"

This is a beginners class. You don't need to be an advanced data scientist but you should know about neural networks and python. We will learn and code step by step together and I will explain what we do along the way.

All the resources will be provided and you can download all the used tools completely for free.
Sounds interesting? I hope so! Let's dive in and do this together. Let's acquire new skills and create new opportunities for us.
Online Course CoupoNED
Online Course CoupoNED I am very happy that there are bloggers who can help my business

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