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neural networks for autoencoders and recommender systems

 neural networks for autoencoders and recommender systems

neural networks for autoencoders and recommender systems | Udemy Coupon ED

How to build autoencoders and recommender systems with neural networks. Machine learning hands on data science class Get Udemy Coupon Code

What you'll learn
  • You know what autoencoders can do
  • You can create autoencoders in keras
  • You can create a neural network recommender system
  • You improve your knowledge about machine learning and AI using autoencoders and recommender systems
  • You increase your knowledge and understanding of the deep learning library keras and pyhton
  • Your personal interest in the topic and a hands on mentality
  • Basic knowledge in Python
  • Tools are free - no additional costs required
  • This course is hands on - instead of theory we implement neural networks in code and I explain what we do and why we do it
  • You should be familiar with neural networks - I do not start with explaining what a neural network is

Let's dive into data science with python and learn how to build recommender systems and autoencoders in keras
machine learning / ai ? How to learn machine learning in python? What are autoencoders? How to build a neural network  recommender system with keras in python?
Good questions here is a point to start searching for answers
In the world of today and especially tomorrow machine learning and artificial intelligence will be the driving force of the economy. Data science  No matter who you are, an entrepreneur or an employee, and in which industry you are working in, machine learning (especially deep learning neural networks) will be on your agenda.

"From my personal experience I can tell you that companies will actively searching for you if you aquire some skills in the data science field. You do not need to know everything! Some basics can already open up a lot of doors!  So diving into this topic can not only immensly improve your career opportunities but also your job satisfaction!"
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