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TypeScript full stack programming

 TypeScript full stack programming

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TypeScript Full Stack Project (3 Part Series) · 1) TypeScript ... A set of libraries, written in TypeScript, to help its developers to build their code. Get Code
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What you'll learn
  • Basic and advanced features of TypeScript, like classes, access modifiers, OOP, decorators
  • Write a complex NodeJS server from scratch
  • Use TypeScript with Webpack to run it inside the browser
  • Create dynamic views with TS
  • Manage internal and external dependencies
  • Create a full stack application with clean TS
  • Use modern syntax (async/await)
  • Deploy application to AWS(EC2 and S3)

TypeScript is one of the most loved languages of the moment. How can you learn it properly and go beyond basic examples?
By writing a full-stack, complex, real-world application:
  • Create a NodeJS server.
  • Create a web client and bundle it with Webpack.
This course can be summed up as one big programming exercise. So if you want to feel more confident about your TypeScript programming skills by building a unitary program, then this course is for you.
This course is condensed and straight to the point
The course is divided in 9 parts, and uses a progressive approach to building software.
The best way to learn is by exercise, so this course focuses on using different TS and NodeJS topics, rather than explaining them in detail.
All lectures are in 16:9 Full HD and contain all the source code. 

Who this course is for:
  • Programmers who want to exand their knowledge to TypeScript
  • Programmers who want to write a complex web app from scratch

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