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YOLOv4 Object Detection Nano-Course

 YOLOv4 Object Detection Nano-Course

YOLOv4 Object Detection Nano-Course | Udemy Coupon ED

Implement YOLOv4 Object detection on videos. Creating your own social distancing monitoring app. Course content. 1 section • 10 lectures ...Get Udemy Coupon Code

What you'll learn
  • The basics about YOLOv4
  • Installing all the pre-requisites including Python, OpenCV, CUDA and Darknet
  • You will be able to detect objects on images
  • Implement YOLOv4 Object detection on videos
  • Creating your own social distancing monitoring app
  • Basic python programming skills
  • Mid to high range PC or laptop with Windows 10 operating system
  • Enthusiasm to learn AI
  • CUDA enabled GPU (Graphics Card)
  • Basic Understanding of Computer Vision

I started out wanting to learn AI Object Detection in Computer Vision...
... I used to check a lot of GitHub repos, they were very vague and required for me to be competent in software development/programming and understand all of the jargon –
Now even though I have a masters degree in electronic engineering (M.Eng). It was still challenging for me to figure out. I had a lot of questions like...
  • ...What to do to get my code working?
  • Do I have the right hardware
  • Windows or Linux – If linux, do I use Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, ROS
  • If Ubuntu, what version 16.04, 18.04, What kernel do I need?
  • If I am training, what format does my dataset need to be in?
  • Do I use Python or C++
  • If python What dependencies do I need?
  • Which frameworks do I use? PyTorch, TensorFlow 1.0 or 2.0
  • What commands do I type to infer or train a convolutional neural network
  • How big my dataset needs to be?
  • How do I run on GPU, and does my GPU support the framework?
I was unsure of what to do. Sometimes I would look at the instructions and because the instructions were so vague, I would skip to the next repo and the next, until I found one that resonates with me or one that had a clear set of instructions that I could understand and follow, or had a video tutorial on it. And video tutorials on this particular topic are very scarce.
The other problem was, I would follow the instructions, but I would run in trivial issues, like not having the correct dependencies or I did not have the correct hardware or OS etc. When things don’t work. This would beat me down and make me loose confidence of whether or not this repository would work. Now I had 2 options, I could either spend tons of hours searching the web to debug the issue or move on to the next repo which also may or may not work.

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