Advanced Machine Learning in iOS, Swift, Create ML, Core ML

 Advanced Machine Learning in iOS, Swift, Create ML, Core ML

Advanced Machine Learning in iOS, Swift, Create ML, Core ML 

Getting Started
Build Intelligent Apps with Machine Learning. Hands-on live coding with CoreML, CreateML, NLP.

What you'll learn
  • Learn Core ML and Create ML
  • Hands-on introduction to machine learning in the context of iOS
  • Build by example to gain working knowledge of new Core ML 2, Vision, Natural Language Processing and Create ML
  • Learn to classify and integrate text via natural language processing into your apps
  • Build apps that can classify objects in images and video streams
  • You should have a Mac with macOS Mojave
  • You should have Xcode 10 or later installed
  • You should have understanding of the Swift
  • You should have working knowledge of Xcode
  • You should have build at-least one app for iOS

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is all around us. Autonomous delivery robots, self-driving cars, Apple Siri, Google Home, Amazon Alexa are some common examples of how machine learning and artificial intelligence have become integral part of our day to day life.
Do you ever wonder as what are the driving factors for these innovations, what are the fundamental building blocks behind these and what will it take to learn all these skills to apply on your app? If you ever wonder about all this then this course is for you.
This course will teach you, how to integrate machine learning into your iOS apps. We are going to learn concepts, types and areas of machine learning while building apps to utilize techniques learned. We will build and train our own machine learning models to classify images as well as classify textual data via Apple's new Natural Language Processing framework.
This course will teach you to perform common machine learning tasks. We will focus on practical applications backed with intelligence of machine learning, using hands-on Swift code examples.
You will learn how to train machine learning models on your computer. You will develop several smart apps, including a healthy snack classifier, berry fruit classification, Neural Network based style transfer app to turn your photos into famous painter's masterpiece and a lot more!
This is the perfect course for you if you're interested in machine learning, or if you’re looking to switch into an exciting new career track.

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