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Artificial Intelligence 101 ·Digital Transformation Strategy


Artificial Intelligence 101 ·Digital Transformation Strategy 


Artificial Intelligence 101 ·Digital Transformation Strategy Digital innovation is an irreversible trend intrinsically tied to business survival. It is, however, easier said than done when it comes to larger enterprises with traditional business mindsets and a complex organizational structure. The clock is ticking; the question is: how to get started?

What you'll learn

  • The AI-future is about the right mindset more than the right skillset. Students and executives will understand how the right mindset, purpose, and intent will allow them to thrive during uncertainty.
  • The ultimate artificial Intelligence 101 course so you can learn what you ignore and get started in an important field that you have not figured out how to approach..
  • Learn how management consultants achieve the Ai Transformation of a company with big data, and the use of emerging technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Drones, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Chatbots, Driverless Systems, Megacities, and many more.
  • Data is what progressive companies fight for in the Ai era. Get a deeper sense of the 16 existing data battlegrounds you can complete and how a the data battleground determines your competition.
  • Understand how popular CRM systems like Salesforce and Hubspot are using Artificial Intelligence to manage and data mine with machine learning 360 Customer Data in marketing pre-sales, sales, and service post-sales modules.
  • I did my MBA at Wharton and my AI Strategy Certification at MIT. I created this Ai4B Masterclass to provide the MBA-grade fundamentals needed to design business strategy in the Ai era.
  • NEW: Ai Entrepreneurship Track - Digital Incubator Challenge. I want you to launch your business! New entrepreneurship track runs in parallel to the course itself. It is a digital incubator challenge with 13 assignments (one per section) that I will personally give you feedback on which and will help you apply the teachings of the course to create a business plan for a digital business that is data-based, Artificial Intelligence-powered, and that exhibits exponential growth - in essence a tech startup!


  • This course will help integrate the trinity of digital, data, and AI into a cohesive business strategy along with all the emerging technologies.

  • The goal is to take a trip 10-15 years into the future so we can figure out what new businesses are worth creating in the present and what steps need to be taken today in your firms so they will thrive in this rapidly changing environment. If we understand how human behaviors and habits will change in the future, it will allow us to shape how technology needs to evolve.

  • Get a deeper sense of how Data is used in the Ai Transformation of a company as well as the 16 existing data battlegrounds you can complete in. You will understand the Hero Position in Data Strategy and the Hero's Journey in Ai Transformation that allows you to measure success. You will re-evaluate your firm's competitive set through the lens of data battlegrounds.

  • Post-COVID, we all need more sales leads so we can sell more, but how to do it when we can't even leave our homes? It is all about digital prospecting and trying to develop an online relationship with your target and it is not easy, but we will explain how marketing techniques like inbound marketing and new artificial intelligence capabilities found in popular CRM systems like Hubspot and Salesforce, allow you to get and convert more leads by carefully managing sales funnel in the pre-sale (marketing), sale, and post-sale (service) stages.

  • Build your AI-muscle and develop your AI-flexibility. We will put you in the shoes of the CEO's of the world's leading firms and ask you to decide how to deal with multiple AI opportunities and threats related to AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics, Drones, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Chatbots, Driverless Systems, etc.

  • The future changes on a daily basis, however, if you can intelligently talk about the possibilities and anticipate the general direction, you will be leading the path and this will help you close that deal, get that interview, and land that contract.

  • This Artificial Intelligence 101 for Business will also provide a number of frameworks to simplify the complexity surrounding the design and implementation of AI/Digital/Data initiatives and related technologies.

  • Please make sure to see all the free videos I have left open for you to sample before buying as I want to make sure that you buy with confidence and that this course is in line with your expectations. I really do want this to be a 5-star experience for you, and if you have any questions or doubts about the course before buying it, feel free to write to me at - I usually respond within 48-hours.

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