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CCA 175 - Spark and Hadoop Developer - Python (pyspark)


CCA 175 - Spark and Hadoop Developer - Python (pyspark)


CCA 175 - Spark and Hadoop Developer - Python (pyspark) Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer using Python as Programming Language

What you'll learn

  • Entire curriculum of CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer
  • Apache Sqoop
  • HDFS Commands
  • Python Fundamentals
  • Core Spark - Transformations and Actions
  • Spark SQL and Data Frames
  • Streaming analytics using Kafka, Flume and Spark Streaming


  • Basic programming skills using any programming language
  • Cloudera Quickstart VM or valid account for IT Versity Big Data labs or any Hadoop clusters where Hadoop, Hive and Spark are well integrated.
  • Minimum memory required based on the environment you are using with 64 bit operating system
  • 4 GB RAM with access to proper clusters or 16 GB RAM with virtual machines such as Cloudera QuickStart VM


CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer is one of the well recognized Big Data certifications. This scenario-based certification exam demands basic programming using Python or Scala along with Spark and other Big Data technologies.

This comprehensive course covers all aspects of the certification using Python as a programming language.

  • Python Fundamentals

  • Spark SQL and Data Frames

  • File formats

Please note that the syllabus is recently changed and now the exam is primarily focused on Spark Data Frames and/or Spark SQL.

Exercises will be provided to prepare before attending the certification. The intention of the course is to boost the confidence to attend the certification.  

All the demos are given on our state of the art Big Data cluster. You can avail one-week complimentary lab access by filling this form which is provided as part of the welcome message.

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