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Create Arrays in Python NumPy - Learn Scientific Computing!


Create Arrays in Python NumPy - Learn Scientific Computing!


Create Arrays in Python NumPy - Learn Scientific Computing! Complete beginner's bootcamp for learning to code from scratch in Python! +Array calculations, functions, statistics.

What you'll learn

  • Code in the Python 3.5 programming language.
  • Make games with Python.
  • Create NumPy arrays.
  • Resize and manipulate arrays.
  • Perform calculations, functions and statistics with NumPy.


  • Download Anaconda 4.2.0, the free data science platform by Continuum, which contains Python 3.5.2 and NumPy 1.12.0.
  • Otherwise, you can download and install Python and NumPy for free online.
  • Topics involve intermediate math, so familiarity with university-level math is very helpful.


This course was funded by a wildly successful Kickstarter.

Learn how to use NumPy 1.12.0, the fundamental package for scientific computing with Python! This course is suitable for coding beginners because we begin with a complete introduction to coding in Python, a popular coding language used for websites like YouTube and Instagram. 

You learn the basics of programming, including topics like variables, functions, and if statements. You learn about data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and sets. We cover how to use for and while loops, how to handle user input and output, file input and output. We apply our knowledge to build a fully functional tic-tac-toe game. 

You learn classes, methods, attributes, instancing, and class inheritance. We make an additional Blackjack game! You learn how to solve errors that can occur when you work as a programmer.

In Part 2, you take your Python knowledge and apply it to NumPy. You learn to create and shape NumPy and 2D arrays. Learn how to resize, format, and sort arrays. Then we cover how to perform calculations within NumPy arrays. You learn about math functions, statistics, and polynomials with NumPy. And more!

Why choose Mammoth Interactive? We prioritize learning by doing. We blend theory with practical projects to ensure you get a hands-on experience by building projects alongside your instructor. Our experienced instructors know how to explain topics clearly at a logical pace. Check out our huge catalog of courses for more content.

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You get full lifetime access to this course for a single fee. Enroll today to join the Mammoth community!

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