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Data Analysts Toolbox: Excel, Python, Power BI


Data Analysts Toolbox: Excel, Python, Power BI


Data Analysts Toolbox: Excel, Python, Power BI Learn Advanced Pivot Tables, Power Query, Power Pivot, Power BI, and Python in this four-course bundle
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What you'll learn

  • How to create amazing looking dashboards using Pivot Tables
  • Advanced data analysis techniques
  • How to do a PivotTable (a quick refresher)
  • How to format a PivotTable, including adjusting styles
  • Advanced Sorting and Filtering in PivotTables
  • How to use 3D Maps from a PivotTable
  • How to update your data in a PivotTable and Pivot Chart
  • Advanced Sorting and Filtering in PivotTables
  • Analyze huge buckets of data to make informed business decisions
  • Become confident cleaning, sorting and linking data from various sources
  • How to create stunning, interactive dashboards with Power BI
  • How to share your analysis and dashboards using Power BI Online
  • To import CSV and Excel files into Power BI Desktop
  • All about DAX including using the COUTROWS, CALCULATE, and SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR functions
  • All about using the card visual to create summary information
  • How to create amazing visuals, such as clustered column charts, maps, and trend graphs
  • How to use Slicers to filter your reports
  • How to edit the interactions between your visualizations and filter at visualization, page, and report level
  • Put their skills into practice with a real Python project
  • What is Python and why was it created
  • How Python fits into the diverse ecosystem of programming languages.
  • The basic data types in Python - Strings, Integers, Floats, and Boolean
  • All about Pythons built-in functions
  • How to debug errors in Python
  • How Variables and Functions work in Python
  • How to use IF-Else Statements in Python
  • All about storing complex data, including Lists and Dictionaries
  • How to install Python locally
  • How to write your first script in Python


  • You'll need a copy of Microsoft Excel that is compatible with the Power Pivot tool.
  • A good understanding of MS Excel. This is an advanced level course.
  • Power BI Desktop installed on your machine is required to take the practice exercises
  • A good knowledge of MS Excel is advised but not necessary

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