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Data Science using Pandas (from basics)

 Data Science using Pandas (from basics)
Data Science using Pandas (from basics)

Getting Started

Hands-on with Pandas I'm going to run you through the basics of Pandas real quick. Try to keep up. Pandas. Pandas officially stands for 'Python Data Analysis Get Udemy Course

What you'll learn
  • The students will learn what is DataScience, how to do data processing using Pandas (with Python)
  • Python language

The following topics are covered:

    What is Data Science
  • How to get (real) stock data , how to plot data in Jupyter
  • SQL and MySQL interaction using Pandas
  • read csv file and do various operations. Stocks data is considered as example
  • write csv file and associated operations
  • Handling missing data, Data filtering / Wrangling using Pandas
  • Group by support in Pandas
  • Concat support in Pandas
Some Idea of:
  • Merge
  • Pivot
  • Reshape
  • Stack / Unstack
  • Cross Tab
  • xlsx support
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Python developers, Data Science students, Students who have some exposure to data analytics
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