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From Zero to NVivo 12 - Qualitative data analysis with NVivo


From Zero to NVivo 12 - Qualitative data analysis with NVivo


From Zero to NVivo 12 - Qualitative data analysis with NVivo Udemy Free download. Take your data analysis to a higher level.

What you'll learn

  • Use NVivo 12 for Qualitative data analysis
  • Explore the data, make a note of your observations and link these notes to other elements of the project
  • Categorize your data into folders, sets and cases
  • Create Mind Maps reflecting your assumptions, observations and expectations
  • Compare cases by attributes and values (e.g. did men and women express similar views?)
  • Code the data and create a thematic framework
  • Run professional data analysis using coding queries
  • Create Project Maps and Concept Maps to explore and visualise links in your project
  • THINK like a professional qualitative researcher!


  • You will need to have NVivo 12 installed
  • NO data set is required (you will be provided with a sample data set to work with)


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "A million times better than the ones at my uni! " - Claire L. Johnston

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I highly recommend this course and instructor. He is a savior for the new researcher!!!!" - Jody Bergstrom


Whether you are completely new to NVivo, or have some previous experience with it, you will find this course both useful and enjoyable.

I am a professional researcher, research consultant and academic tutor, and in this course, I will teach you complex ideas in a simple and approachable way and I will make sure that when you complete it:

➡️ you will be able to use a variety of functions of NVivo, ranging from simple note-making, sorting and coding to more complex data queries (see the details in the "What you'll learn" section above)

➡️ you will understand how NVivo can help you take Your data analysis to a higher level. You will have a good understanding of what can be done to enrich your data analysis and how to use NVivo for this purpose

➡️ you will impress your supervisors, teachers, employers or colleagues with the depth of the analysis you undertake

The best thing about this course is that all lessons are logically connected - the analytic ideas that emerge early in the course when we record our initial thoughts will be later tested when we learn to code and conduct various coding queries. I do not just talk about how to conduct a given query without first explaining what this query is, how it will help us, and why we may want to conduct it in the first place!

This is, in fact, what my students seem to like most about my courses - the way I explain things, the way the lessons are organised and the way I support my students throughout (I am very responsive to messages and always do my best to assist each student personally).

I hope that you will take this course and we will soon embark on this exciting analytic journey together!

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