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Fundamentals of Rocket Propulsion

 Fundamentals of Rocket Propulsion
Fundamentals of Rocket Propulsion

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What you'll learn
  • At the end of the course the learners can estimate the energy required for a rocket launch vehicle to meet the given mission specifications, fix the number of stages with(out) boosters, select liquid engine or solid motor configurations and calculate various design parameters and estimate performance of engine or launch vehicle.
  • Also, student can appreciate any newly developed engine or launch vehicle for space applications, announced by space industries / organizations, by analyzing its performance parameters or comparing with the existing units.
  • High school physics and mathematics

The course is basically to understand the principles of rocket science. It gives emphasis on understanding the concepts in a systematic manner and its application with worked examples of real time data. It helps to understand and analyze the specifications of any space engine like Vulcain or Merlin and space vehicles like Falcon or PSLV. Also, impart knowledge to estimate required specifications of solid motor or liquid engine or vehicle to meet a particular space application.

The course covers major concepts in calculating space orbit parameters, total velocity (energy) required to insert an object in selected orbit. The course explains the fluid flow and energy conversion pattern in rocket nozzles in detail.

It covers different solid and liquid propellants combinations available suitable for rocket application and discussed the properties and performance characteristics. The working of subsystems and components of both solid motor and liquid engine is explained in detail either as a booster or auxiliary propulsion unit in the space vehicle.

Typical rocket engines and space vehicles developed by different countries are compared for its performance and application.
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