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Learn Regression Analysis for Business

Learn Regression Analysis for Business

Learn Regression Analysis for Business | Udemy Coupon ED

Learn Regression Analysis and build your own Regression Model step by step through real business scenarios Getting Started Udemy 

What you'll learn

  • Learn about different types of Regression Models and their use
  • Run Regression Analysis in several computer applications
  • Learn in detail to build Linear Regression Model and Logistic Model which are highly used in business analysis
  • Interpret the results of the Regression Analysis and translate them to business recommendations
  • Build Regression Models and use them in your business
  • Assess quality and efficiency of your model using several measures and indicators
  • Hands on three real business scenarios

  • Basic knowledge in using Excel

A complete hands on practical exercises to build regression models that are highly used for business analysis. This course is designed to start with the very basics then add up information gradually.  Accordingly students who have fair background in regression analysis can choose to jump to the practical part of the course to learn building regression models in detail. 
In this course you will learn about different types of regression models and learn to build and use the ones used in business analysis. You will learn step by step how to understand a business problem from data observations and determine the variables you need to include in regression analysis.
You will also learn how to interpret model coefficients from business point of view and assess regression model's prediction power using several indicators, such as: R-squared and p-value. After that you will be able  to prepare your business recommendations that can be used by decision makers.

Who this course is for:
  • All who need to learn regression analysis and use them in business
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