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Learning about Data Science: What & Why?

 Learning about Data Science: What & Why?
 Learning about Data Science: What & Why?

Getting Started

Towards Learning Basics! Udemy offers highly-rated data science courses that will help you learn how to visualize and respond to new data, as well as develop innovative new technologies. Whether you're interested in machine learning, data mining, or data analysis, Udemy has a course for you. Udemy Coupon Code

What you'll learn
  • Learning about the basics of Data Science
  • Knowledge of Computer Science/ Maths/ Science
The module explores the concept of Data Science as a stand alone initiative. It reflects how  Data science provides meaningful information based on large amounts of complex data or big data. The module defines how Data science, or data-driven science, combines different fields of work in statistics and computation to interpret data for decision-making purposes. A delightful learning module for the beginners in particular.
Who this course is for:
  • Students of Computer Science/ Maths/ Statistics/ Educators/ Professionals

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