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MobX In Depth With React(Hooks+TypeScript)

MobX In Depth With React(Hooks+TypeScript)
MobX In Depth With React(Hooks+TypeScript)

Getting Started

An extensive course about MobX in-depth and how correctly use it in react applications.

What you'll learn
  • What is MobX and why we should use it
  • MobX fundamentals
  • How MobX Works
  • How to structure you MobX stores
  • When and How to use MobX in React
  • Connecting MobX To React
  • MobX 6 (Additional content)
  • mobx-easy (Additional content)
  • Basic React Knowledge
  • Basic Javascript Knowledge
  • Basic TypeScript Knowledge

MobX and React With Typescript
This is the most extensive course about MobX you will find online, After a few years of using MobX, I'm really passionate about it and really love it, I decided to create this course about MobX, So more people can enjoy this state management library as much as I do.
This course is for:
  • New people to MobX
  • Want to start using MobX but afraid?
  • Want to know how to utilize MobX abilities better?
  • Tired of writing a lot of boilerplate in Redux?
  • Want to write quick and quality High scale Web Applications
We are going to cover these topics in the course:
  • MobX Fundamentals(observables, actions, computation, reactions) - each topic will be covered in depth
  • MobX Principals and Concepts(how does MobX reactivity work, how to organize your stores correctly, the correct mindset to have using MobX)
  • How To Connect MobX To React - how do we connect MobX to react? and how we share the data correctly? when to use MobX vs react state
  • Mobx 6 - Upcoming Changes
  • mobx-easy (A library I've created that helps MobX usage)
And - We are going to have a Slack Channel  - I will be answering once a day questions there, and hopefully, we will build a community there and help each other in topics related to MobX !!.
After this course you will know MobX in-depth, you will be able to develop any applications with MobX and React easily.

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