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R Programming for Data Science for Absolute Beginners [2020]

 R Programming for Data Science for Absolute Beginners [2020]
 R Programming for Data Science for Absolute Beginners [2020]

Getting Started

Learn the art of R programming for Data Science . Learn to analyse and Visualize for Actionable Insights.Enroll today and learn risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

What you'll learn
  • R programming from Beginning to Advance
  • Data Visualizations using ggplot and Base plot
  • When , which and how to plot for Inferences
  • Learn to plot scatter , bar chart , histograms, time-series
  • Create and access R objects - vectors,list,factors, dataframes , matrices
  • Learn to write conditions,loops,functions
  • Upload real world data like bank marketing data with 45,000 records
  • Must be passionate about Data

**** Lifetime access to course materials . 100% money back guarantee ****
  • If you are a absolute beginners in R , then this is the place .
  • Learn R program right from the basic to intermediate and advance level.
  • Learn how to do data visualizations on all kind of data sets.
  • Create and access various R datatypes and objects like vectors,factors and dataframes.
  • Create your own functions , loops and conditions.
  • Work on various plots : scatter , box plots , histograms, bar charts and derive the business insights.
Case Study Include:
  • Identify which customers are eligible for credit card issuance
  • Root Cause Analysis of Uber Demand Supply Gap

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are looking to enhance their data science skills

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