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Spring & Spring Boot Interview Guide

 Spring & Spring Boot Interview Guide


Spring & Spring Boot Interview Guide Spring & Spring Boot Interview Guide with 200+ Questions & Answers. With REST API, JPA, Hibernate and Spring Data JPA.

What you'll learn

  • You will learn to answer 200 interview questions on Spring, Spring Boot and Spring MVC
  • You will learn to answer questions on basics of JPA, Spring Data, Spring Data JPA, Spring AOP
  • You will learn to answer questions on RESTful Web Services and SOAP Web Services with Spring & Spring Boot
  • You will learn to answer questions on basics of Spring Framework - IOC, Application Context, Dependency Injection, Scope and Component Scan
  • You will learn about Spring Annotations - @Component, @Service, @Repository, @Controller, @Autowired, @Primary, @Qualifier, @Configuration
  • You will understand basic features of Spring Boot - Starters, Auto Configuration, Actuator and Externalized Configuration
  • You will be introduced to the Best Practices in using Spring and Spring Boot
  • You will be introduced to the approaches to handle validation errors with Spring MVC and Spring REST
  • You will be introduced to the approaches for Versioning, Content Negotiation with RESTful Services
  • You will understand the best practices in documenting your RESTful Services with Swagger


How about Quickly Revising all the Important Spring and Spring Boot Concepts in about 6 Hours before an interview?

Spring ?   Yes.    Spring Boot ? Included.    Spring MVC ?  Yes.    Spring REST ? Yes.   Spring AOP ? Yes. 

Spring JDBC? Included.            Spring Data JPA? Yes.  Of Course.         Hibernate? Yes. 

Web Services? Yes.                   SOAP? Yes. Of Course                              REST API? Absolutely!

******* Some Amazing Reviews From Our Learners *******

★★★★★ It is a short and sweet for Spring Framework review course. It will refresh most of the topic at Spring & Spring Boot. It is the course who want to refresh their knowledge at Spring framework in short-period.

★★★★★ Best course to refresh the spring concepts and syntax in short time to prepare the interviews.

★★★★★ Very good course expaining details of the Spring Framework. The widely discussed topics Spring (Framework, MVC, Boot, Data, JDBC, JPA), Unit and Integration Testing, etc. will help everyone to understand these not-so-easy issues in a deeper way.

★★★★★ A well Crafted Course. Thanks to Ranga Karanam!

******* Course Overview *******

Spring Framework is the Most Popular Java Framework ever. It continues to evolve with changing architectures. Spring Boot is one of the most popular Spring projects. Spring Boot is the most used Java framework to develop RESTful Services and Microservices.

Preparing for Spring Interview is tricky. There are a wide range of Spring Modules and Spring Projects you would need to recollect and be prepared to answer questions on. You would need to get a Good Understanding of the new features of Spring and have a Firm Grasp of the concepts you implemented in your projects. 

This course helps you prepare for Spring Interview with code examples covering 200+ Spring Interview Questions and Answers on Spring, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, JPA, AOP, RESTful Services and SOAP Web Services. 

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