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SQL for Data Analysis - with SQL Server

SQL for Data Analysis - with SQL Server

SQL for Data Analysis - with SQL Server

Getting Started

The most direct path to mastering the SQL skills you'll actually use on the job Get Course

What you'll learn

  • Use SQL to apply complex criteria and transformations to database data
  • Master SQL functions for sophisticated data manipulation
  • Leverage an understanding of relational database design to link together data stored across multiple tables
  • Use aggregate queries to produce summarized views and analysis
  • Be comfortable putting SQL and SQL Server on your resume
  • Gain experience with the kind of SQL coding problems you are likely to encounter in an interview


  • Basic computer literacy
  • An installation of Windows 10 or later


If you spend a lot of time extracting, transforming, or analyzing data from databases, - or you're aiming for one of the many highly paid career paths that rely heavily on this skill - then this course is for you.
Learning to query databases with SQL is a substantial part of highly paid careers such as Data Analyst and Business Intelligence Analyst, but also provides a strong foundation for even more exotic roles like that of a Data Scientist. Experienced Data Scientists will tell you that the majority of their time isn't spent tuning machine learning algorithms, but rather preparing and cleaning data for use by those algorithms - something SQL does exceptionally well.
In this course, I have tried to avoid simply regurgitating an encyclopedia of facts about SQL, an approach that is all too common in introductory books and courses on programming. Instead, I carefully curated certain concepts and techniques that I have found to provide the most "bang for your buck" over my decade of experience as a data professional.
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