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The Complete SQL Bootcamp for Beginners: Hands-On Oracle SQL

The Complete SQL Bootcamp for Beginners: Hands-On Oracle SQL

The Complete SQL Bootcamp for Beginners: Hands-On Oracle SQL


Learn SQL with Oracle SQL, Become a job ready SQL Developer, SQL Database for Beginners, SQL for Data Science !

What you'll learn

  • Get yourself ready for SQL Developer Job
  • Learn how to code in SQL
  • Hands-on SQL with Lots of exercises
  • Learn Single Table Queries and Single Row Functions
  • Learn Grouping Functions, Multi Table Queries and Joints
  • Learn to Create, Alter and Update the objects in SQL
  • Create, design, and operate with SQL databases
  • Learn SQL for Database Administration, SQL Development and Business Analysis
  • Learn to create a database from scratch
  • Learn to control dataset, insert, update, and delete the records
  • Become a professional in Oracle SQL


Hi, Homo Sapiens,
Do you know why Sapiens got success on our planet, their ability to store data. Generations by generation we preserve information through variety of medium. Now time to store data digitally inside Databases.
Do you know that one IT skill which everyone want to learn, weather you are software developer, analyst, business people, data scientist. You have to interact with data in today's world. 
According to  db-engines dot com/en/ranking  top database are Oracle,  MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL  which use SQL  to interact with databases.
So, To play with data Me and My friend Vijay Created  Comprehensive course on SQL - One of the Most Demanding Skill. Structured Query Language which is being used in every field that you can think like Sales, Marketing, development, database, administration, Business Analysis, Data Science, and list goes on and on...
With this mega course you will have a Solid Foundation of SQL, and SQL databases and you will learn SQL in fun and engaging way
What is SQL?
SQL stands for Structured Query Language which lets you access and manipulate databases.
SQL can retrieve data, insert records in a database, update records, delete records, create new databases, create new tables in a database, create views in a database and many more...
What you will learn in this course ?
This course has 8+ Hours of HD Quality video, plenty of Exercise Problem and following content.
Course Outline :
1 : Introduction
In this section will get idea about different kinds of database management system and what we are going learn.
2: Installation & Setup
No specific installation is required. We will get started with online Oracle Apex environment to write your first query in a matter of just 10 minutes.
3: Getting started with basic SQL Query
In this section we will learn about all basic SQL syntax to retrieve data based on the different columns or filtering data based on the different condition and different operators like or in where  not less than greater than is equal and many more.
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