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2020 Complete Backend Web Development


2020 Complete Backend Web Development


2020 Complete Backend Web Development JavaScript can be used on the frontend and the backend, allowing you to write full-stack applications with a single language; There are tons of jobs for JavaScript ...


What you'll learn

  • Learn JavaScript Basics Fast
  • Learn PHP Basics Fast
  • Build your own chat applications using JavaScript
  • Connect MySQL and PHP and use them together
  • Build a simple forum from scratch
  • Connect ExpressJS with MongoDB
  • Build a basic blog system from scratch


  • Basic knowledge of HTML


In this course you will:

  •     Learn JavaScript basics.
  •     Learn PHP basics.
  •     Learn to build your own web apps.
  •     Learn NodeJS and ExppressJS.
  •     Use PHP and MySQL together.
  •     Use NodeJS and ExpressJS with MongoDB.
  •     Build a chat system with NodeJS and Socket-IO.
  •     Build a forum system from scratch using PHP and MySQL.
  •     Create a blog system using NodeJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB.

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers interested in web development
  • Programmers that want to built their own web apps
  • Anyone that wants to get an understanding of NodeJS and its technologies.
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