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Angular Nest Web Application Architect - Master Class 2020

Angular Nest Web Application Architect - Master Class 2020

Angular Nest Web Application Architect - Master Class 2020 Design, Develop and Deploy your own product from scratch as per current industrial practices working with monrepos


What you'll learn

  • Create a Web Application / Product from scratch. (i.e,.) Design phase to CI/CD deployment
  • Ability to comprehend why and how to design a product along with it's architecture.
  • Learn Best practices in Angular and NestJS and working with monorepos
  • Work with CI/CD pipelines and docker containers
  • Implement Dev tools that leverage documentation, linting and Automation Testing
  • Identify similarities between AWS and GCP with Hands-on experience by deploying the Application


  • Be able to understand the basics of html, CSS and JavaScript
  • A hands-on experience on Angular Basics
  • A basic understanding of Typescript


How does it differ from other courses?

  • It is not going to be just about creating a project, rather understanding the concepts involved in it.
  • It is going to be constantly updated when I come across new techniques.
  • It will be one pitstop when it comes to advanced concepts in web development .

Why should you enroll?

  • You would benefit a lot by enrolling if you find yourself in one of the below scenarios,
  • You are already familiar with basics, but lack the understanding on the big picture.
  • You are a self-learner and wanna evaluate your current standpoint.
  • You wanna know end to end about product development lifecycle.
  • You are unfamiliar with Object Oriented Concepts with regard to web development.
  • You wanna familiarize with design patterns in Angular.
  • You feel state management is complex.
  • You are baffled by the term CI/CD.
  • You feel like GCP and AWS  are out of your scope.

With that being said, Feel free to try this course and trust me you are gonna benefit a lot from it. It will entirely change your coding perspective  to new whole new level.

Looking forward to assist you.

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