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Azure Data Engineer - Mini Project Development


Azure Data Engineer - Mini Project Development


Azure Data Engineer - Mini Project Development Azure Data Factory V2, Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks, SQL Synapse Analytics, Azure Storage - Blob + ADLS, Azure SQL

What you'll learn

  • Insights of Azure Data Services - Storage Services, ADF V2, Azure Databricks and SQL DW (Synapse Analytics)
  • Creating and Managing data related Azure services
  • Practical experience with downloadable datasets
  • Design concepts for big data processing on Azure Data Lake
  • Securing Data on Blob Storage using SAS URLs + Lifecycle Policies to archive data with auto tier change
  • End to End Data load pipeline (Source -> Raw Layer -> Curated -> Consumption)


  • ETL or Database Knowledge is expected
  • Basic Azure Knowledge is plus
  • Spark knowledge will speed up learning Azure Databricks


Learn All in One Azure Data Engineering services along with hands-on (requirement gathering to implementation)


Recently added sessions:

(1) Copy data from Azure SQL to Azure SQL without ADF (kind of linked server)

(2) ADF Code promotion - manual activity

Previously added sessions (as on Jun/01/20):

(1) Dynamically change DB connection in ADF (Parameterizing linked service)

(2) Visible comparison of Blob and Azure Data Lake Gen2 storage using data analytics through Azure Databricks.

(3) NY Taxi data files source link added in resources section

(4) Integrate Key Vault with Azure Databricks and extract secrets via Secret Scope

(5) Use Blob SDK in Azure Databricks to read/write files on blob like IO operations

(6) Connecting to SQL Server with pyodbc in Azure Databricks

(7) Datasets used in this course are now available to download. Visit Azure Data Factory section.


We will execute a small project. It will help you to learn:

1) Design concepts - How to design big data system. Terminologies of each components/layers.

2) Hands-on - We will be creating required Azure data services and will look various options available.

3) Tips and Tricks

4) Helps in DP-200 and DP-201 certification preparation.

Technologies you will learn:

Azure Data Factory V2, Databricks (using Standard cluster), Storage Services, SQL Synapse Analytics (DB part)

Course highlights:

1) Resources: Links to external resource for further reading

2) Datasets : Download and use dataset used in this course. Do more practice.

3) Architecture and Design : Start learning on how to deign the data load on cloud platform.

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