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Azure Machine Learning bootcamp

Azure Machine Learning bootcamp


Azure Machine Learning bootcamp This learning path is a collection of bootcamp courses from Microsoft AI Platform ... Azure Search, Azure Databricks, and the Azure Machine Learning services, ...Hot & New

What you'll learn

  • Students of this course will be able to use the Azure Machine Learning as professionals
  • This course is a good resource for people who would like to take the azure DP-100 certification
  • You will be able to use Azure ML either using SDK code or in a non-code graphical model
  • Understand the structure and the concepts of the Azure ML


  • A basic understanding of machine learning concepts
  • A basic knowledge of programming concepts (preferably Python)
  • A very basic of azure cloud concepts (compute, storage, etc.)
  • You can use any operating system - Windows, macOS, Linux


In this course about Azure Machine Learning bootcamp, you will learn the concepts of the Azure Machine learning from a professional point of view.

This course lies mainly on the handling and the manipulation of Azure Machine Learning using python Software Development Kit (SDK). Interacting with Azure ML using the SDK is exactly what you will find in a professional environment.

This course will take your skills in Azure ML to a new level. The content of this course covers most of (if it is not all) what you will find in the Microsoft Azure DP-100 certification. Having such certification will be definitively a boost of you career and salary. Machine Learning, especially when combined with cloud capabilities, is one of the most valuable skills in the market.

This course has the particularity of being build to simulate true development tasks since the videos were recorded in a way to show you what you may encounter as problems (issues) and the way to correct them.

Before I wish you a great journey with us, let please mention that our team will be tremendously happy to answer all your questions and bring clarifications to you.

Good luck!

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