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Data Science Course 2021: Complete Machine Learning Training


Data Science Course 2021: Complete Machine Learning Training 


Data Science Course 2021: Complete Machine Learning Training Build a Career in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Hands-on Training with "7 Stages of Machine Learning ...

What you'll learn

  • Develop Machine Learning Thought Process & Understanding of Principles
  • Build Intuition in Data Science & Retain Core Machine Learning Knowledge
  • Apply Practical Learning Frameworks™ such as '7 Stages of Machine Learning'
  • Learn Process of Finding Answers Instead of Memorizing Theory and Syntax
  • Master Hands-On Skills to Work on Competitions & Real Industry Projects
  • Start Career in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science in 2021 compared to 2015


“ We will shift from a mobile first to an AI first world.” (Sundar Pichai, Alphabet / Google CEO)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most important technologies of the 21st century and part of the 4th industrial revolution. AI will transform every industry similar to electricity over 100 years ago and have a huge impact on how humans live and work in the future.

Moving into Data Science is an amazing career choice. There's high demand for Data Scientists across the globe and people working in the field enjoy high salaries and rewarding careers. For instance, average annual salaries are around $125,000 in America and ₹14 lacs in India.

Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that uses data for learning and making predictions. Machine Learning is already used in many applications such as recommending movies on Netflix or ranking products on Amazon – but this is just the beginning.

The Complete Machine Learning Course is a comprehensive training program designed for people who want to understand the ins and outs of Machine Learning. The course will teach you everything you need to know to start building a career in Data Science.


The training covers the fundamentals of Machine Learning – including workflow, techniques (regression, classification, clustering,..), algorithms (naive bayes, decision trees, support vector machines,...) and tools.

You will learn every detail of a typical Machine Learning project and understand how to solve real-world problems by applying AI-related solutions that make a business impact.

Our teaching philosophy is to focus on thought process and understanding of Machine Learning principles. This method helps to develop the necessary intuition to work on any Data Science project.

Expect the training to be hands-on and practical. We use a lot of examples from different industries in the course to explain the application of Machine Learning and make concepts easy to grasp and applicable to a variety of business problems.

Core part of the Complete Machine Learning Course is our own Machine Learning framework "The 7 Stages of Machine Learning". Students will learn how to tackle any Machine Learning project by following those stages starting with framing the problem to actually deploying the model.

7 Stages of Machine Learning
  1. Problem Definition

    Define the business problem that will be solved through Machine Learning

  2. Data Collection

    Gather and measure information from different sources relevant to the problem

  3. Data Visualization

    See and understand trends, outliers, and patterns through charts, graphs, and maps

  4. Data Preparation

    Transform and convert raw data into a clean data set before applying ML algorithms

  5. Machine Learning Modeling

    Train Machine Learning algorithms to make predictions solving the business problem

  6. Feature Engineering

    Select and build features that represent the underlying problem to the predictive model

  7. Model Deployment

    Integrate Machine Learning model into production environment to make business decisions

  1. hine Learning model into production environment to make business decisions

We will use Python as a programming language. It is a great choice as Python has an extensive set of Machine Learning libraries such as Scikit-Learn, NumPy, Pandas, Selenium, and Beautiful Soup, as well as a huge community that can help with getting started in Data Science.

This course is the perfect starting point for everyone interested in getting into the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. We will cover everything you need to know to get started.

Ready to start learning? Enroll in this training and dive deep into Machine Learning. See you there!

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