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Gatsby JS | Beginner Gatsby [2020] | Gatsby Project

Gatsby JS | Beginner Gatsby [2020] | Gatsby Project


Gatsby, Markdown and Styled Components stack! Learn Static Site Generator Gatsby by creating a beautiful personal blog.Highest Rated

What you'll learn

  • Increase your value as a Developer by learning Gatsby JS
  • Learn to use Gatsby JS to create blazing fast and modern Websites
  • Build a beautiful Personal Blog from scratch with Gatsby JS
  • Learn about Markdown, Styled Components and GraphQL
  • Start from scratch! In the end you'll have a deployed beautiful blog!


Do you want to Improve your knowledge, value and be a top candidate in recruitment processes? 

Learn Gatsby JS and be a top contender for modern Front End developer jobs!

Level: Beginner

This is a beginners course in Gatsby ​but you need to have basic knowledge about React and Web Development before enrolling this course.

Want to learn one of the hottest things in Web Development in 2020? Do you already know some React and want to push forward from there? Do you enjoy project oriented and fast paced courses? Do you want to learn quick and straight down to the point? Then this is the course for you!

Guaranteed no "foo" and "bar" ... and no "to-do-list" app ;)

My teaching style is learning by building small projects. My decades of experience in web development have taught me that this style lets you learn fast and efficient. Stop wasting your time!

What will we do in the course?

We'll build a beautiful blog from scratch with Gatsby.js

My main goal with this course is to mix fun with teaching. There's many tutorials and courses out there that are great but too complex and focus on a lot at the same time. That's why this course isn't 20+ hours long.

In this course you'll learn and use:

  1. - Gatsby Fundamentals
  2. - React Hooks API with functional components
  3. - GraphQL and the built in GraphiQL editor
  4. - Components, props and state
  5. - JSX syntax and expressions
  6. - Markdown
  7. - Styled Components
  8. - Deploy the finished App to Netlify and Gatsby Cloud
  9. - ES6+ concepts and syntax
  10. - Gatsby Browser API and Gatsby Node API
  11. - And a lot more ...

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