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Machine Learning Automation


Machine Learning Automation


Automated machine learning enables organizations to use the baked-in knowledge of data scientists without expending time and money to develop the ...New

What you'll learn

  • Machine Learning in an Automated way


  • No Prerequisites required


Automated Machine Learning(AutoML) is currently one of the explosive subfields within Data Science. It sounds great for those who are not fluent in machine ...
 What is Machine Learning? · Define a parameterized function that makes predictions. It means that a given input should produce an output based ...

Machine Learning Automation - End to End

Right from Building Machine Learning Model to  App, without or minimal knowledge requirement either in Python or Machine Learning.

This course covers Regression, Binary and Multi-Class Classification Problems.

No prerequisites required for this course.

This course covers Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Cleaning, Model Pipeline, Metrics and Saving Model and thereafter Building App.

Who this course is for:

  • Machine Learning and Data Science Aspirants
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