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Make a Minecraft Mod: Minecraft Modding for beginners (1.16)


Make a Minecraft Mod: Minecraft Modding for beginners (1.16)

Make a Minecraft Mod: Minecraft Modding for beginners (1.16)  Learn Minecraft Modding and Java. Thorough Java introduction included. Everything beginner friendly and for all ages! Hot & New

What you'll learn

  • 💡 Learn to independently program in Java
  • 💻 Learn the Basic Java Skills necessary to make a Minecraft Mod
  • 🎲 The Basics of Minecraft Modding
  • 📈 Learn it all, from your first Item to exporting your Mod


Did you always want to create a Minecraft Mod? This course will teach you how to make your own Minecraft Mods! You will not only learn the programming language Java, but also the Minecraft Modding API to make your mods compatible with every other Mod in Minecraft: MinecraftForge! 

In this course I will teach you the first steps by introducing you to Java. Even with no experience you will be able to make Mods at the end. You'll learn all how to make Blocks, Items, Tools and Weapons in Minecraft. You will also learn to create different types of Events.

During this course you'll be given multiple assignments in order to strengthen the knowledge you have acquired. Not only that, but the last assignment is to make a completely original Mod! With a bit of creativity and applying the lessons you get from this course, you might just make the next Minecraft Mod hit! 

This course is accessible for complete beginners. Even if you have never programmed in your life! The only requirement is that you own Minecraft and are vaguely familiar with the Game and some popular Minecraft Mods or even Minecraft Modpacks.

Exercise files and the entire Source Code will be available so you can follow along everything I do in the videos. Lots of assignments will make you practice each lesson thoroughly so it can be cemented.

If you have any questions or suggestions, also feel free to contact me here. I'm happy to help you learn to Code in Java and make your own Minecraft Mod.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete Beginners wishing to learn Java
  • Beginners that want to create their first Minecraft Mod and don't know where to start

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