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Python: Big Data Analytics and Data Science


Python: Big Data Analytics and Data Science

Microsoft Azure HDInsight, MongoDB Atlas Cluster, IoT, Twitter API, Apache Hadoop A comprehensive learning path to become a data scientist using Python. Topics ... If you need a book on Pandas and NumPy, “Python for Data Analysis by Wes ... to Data Science' course to give yourself a big boost in your quest to land a data ...


What you'll learn

  • Tools for Big Data Analysis and Deep Learning, Tools for Handling Volume, Tools for Handling Variety, Tools for Handling Velocity, Tools for Big Data, Big Data, Data Science, Tools for Reporting and Business Intelligence, Tools for Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning, Frameworks for Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence Tools, Installing Anaconda, Updating Anaconda, Installing Prospector Static Code Analysis Tool, Installing Jupyter-Matplotlib, Installing Packages in Anaconda, Package Managers, pip, conda
  • Python Introduction, Why Python is popular?, Why Everyone should consider learning it, Python Standard Libraries, Data-Science Libraries, IPython Interactive Mode, Executing a Python Program Using the IPython Interpreter, Writing and Executing Code in a Jupyter Notebook, HOW BIG IS BIG DATA?, Megabytes (MB), Gigabytes (GB), Terabytes (TB), Petabytes, Exabytes and Zettabytes, Additional Big-Data Stats, Computing Power Over the Years, Data Science and Big Data Are Making a Difference: Use Cases, A Big-Data Mobile Application – Case Study, Google’s Waze GPS navigation app
  • Introduction to Databases, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, IoT, Cloud and Desktop Big-Data Software, Algorithms, Data, Data’s Meaning, Big-Data Sources
  • elational Databases, Structured Query Language, Creating and connecting to the Database, sqlite3 module, Viewing the Table’s Contents, Entity-Relationship (ER) Diagram, SELECT Queries, WHERE Clause, Pattern Matching: Zero or More Characters, Pattern Matching: Any Character, ORDER BY Clause, Sorting By Multiple Columns, Combining the WHERE and ORDER BY Clauses, Merging Data from Multiple Tables: INNER JOIN, INSERT INTO Statement, UPDATE Statement, DELETE FROM Statement, Closing the Database
  • NoSQL, NewSQL, NoSQL Key-Value Databases, NoSQL Document Databases, NoSQL Graph Databses, NoSQL Columnar Databases, Comparison of RDBMS, NoSQL and NewSQL
  • MongoDB JSON Document Database, pymongo, dnspython, Twitter Developer Account, Tweeter API, Creating App,Consumer API Key, API Secret Key, Access Token, Access Token Secret, Tweeter Authentication, OpenMapQuest Geocoding API, MapQuest API Key, MongoDB Atlas Cluster, Creating MongoDB Atlas Cluster, Create Database User, Whitelist IP Address, Network Access, Database Access, Connect to Cluster using Connection String, Generating Connection String, Tweepy for Authentication, Streaming Tweets into MongoDB, Loading Data from Tweeter, Configuring MongoClient, Setting up Tweet Stream, Starting Tweet Stream, TweetListener, Counting Tweets, Display Tweet Counts, Plotting Markers on Location, geopy, Creating Map, Folium Map, Creating a Choropleth, Color the Map, Creating Map Markers, Visualizing Map using folium library, Data Analytics on Big Data
  • Apache Hadoop, Hadoop Overview, HDFS, MapReduce, YARN, Hadoop Ecosystem, Hadoop Providers, Hadoop 3, Summarizing Word Lengths in Romeo and Juliet via MapReduce, Creating an Apache Hadoop Cluster in Microsoft Azure HDInsight, Creating an HDInsight Hadoop Cluster, Hadoop Streaming, Implementing the Mapper, Implementing the Reducer,Preparing to Run the MapReduce, Copying RomeoAndJuliet into the Hadoop File System, Running the MapReduce Job, Viewing the Word Counts, Deleting Your Cluster So You Do Not Incur Charges
  • IoT, IoT Issues, Publish and Subscribe, Visualizing a PubNub Sample Live Stream with a Freeboard Dashboard, Signing up for Freeboard io, Creating a New Dashboard, Adding a Data Source, Adding a Pane for the Humidity Sensor, Adding a Sparkline and a Gauge to the Humidity Pane, Completing the Dashboard, Simulating an Internet-Connected Thermostat in Python, Installing Dweepy, Invoking the simulator Script, Sending Dweets, Creating the Dashboard with Freeboard io, Creating a Python PubNub Subscriber


  • No Prerequisites. But Some Programming Knowledge will be Good Enough


This course covers following contents in depth

  • Tools for Big Data Analysis and Deep Learning
  • Python Introduction Why Python is popular?
  • Python Libraries for handling Big Data Exploration and Visualization
  • Introduction to Databases, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, IoT
  • Relational Databases
  • NoSQL, NewSQL Databases
  • MongoDB JSON Document Database
  • Microsoft Azure HD Insight
  • Tweeter API
  • Apache Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, YARN
  • IoT, IoT Issues, Publish and Subscribe Model

This course will be beneficial for the learners we want to start their journey in Big Data domain. They can acquire jobs like Azure Developer, Data Analyst, Data Architect, Cluster Administrator, etc.

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