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RA: Logistics and Supply chain optimization with Python.


RA: Logistics and Supply chain optimization with Python.


RA: Logistics and Supply chain optimization with Python. Plan your supply chain using Python, Linear Programming, Route optimization, Production scheduling and Network Design

What you'll learn

  • Add optimization to your Supply chain and Data science skills
  • Leverage the power of Pulp and OR tools
  • Introductory section on Python if you are not familiar with Python
  • Supply chain Design
  • Tackle supply chain problems with optimization
  • Production scheduling
  • Routes scheduling for shipments
  • Resource utilization.
  • Integration of service level.
  • Excel
  • Supply chain
  • Linear Programming
  • Pulp


  • Microsoft excel
  • Basic understanding of supply chain


if you are working in supply planning, logistics, strategic design, and operational implementation, making full use of open source technologies such as the widely popular Python is a guarantee for supply chain excellence through this era of digital transformation.

Top companies manage their supply chain by having a clear focus on planning allocation of suppliers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and retailers. and as long as a company or an NGO is delivering products, then for sure, there is a supply chain.

And in this course, we focus on strategic and operational supply chain planning using optimization which by itself is one of the biggest disciplines used in almost all business, engineering, and data industries.

As a supply chain and logistics professional in this modern age, having analytical skills, know-how, and a data science coding language is imperative for the success and progress of one's supply chain career.

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