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Salesforce Trailhead 2020 - Admin Beginner - Starting Point


Salesforce Trailhead 2020 - Admin Beginner - Starting Point


What is Salesforce? What is CRM? Learn With Free Trailhead Guided Learning Paths. Learn Valuable Skills & Prove You've Got The Goods. Earn Free Salesforce Certifications. Find Your Ideal Career. 3.3M New Jobs By 2022. Learn Salesforce for Free.


What you'll learn

  • Salesforce Platform Basics
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Management
  • Lightning Experience Customization
  • Salesforce Mobile App Customization
  • User Engagement
  • Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience


  • Able to understand the English language
  • Has access to a computer with internet (what you are using right now)


Your 2020 Salesforce STARTING POINT - be a part of the Salesforce OHANA (Family)

Join our world-wide Salesforce Ohana (Family) through the official Salesforce Trailhead - the official starting point of your Salesforce journey.

This course is for everyone who are new to Salesforce. It is intended as a starting point to equip yourself for a better future.

By joining the Salesforce Ohana (Family), you are making yourself AVAILABLE to the hundreds of thousands of organizations throughout the world, ranging from non-profit organizations, governments, to multi-billion-dollar corporations across the globe.

This is your starting point, prepare yourself to get busy, as many people will start looking for you to give answers to questions, solutions to problems, and ideas for breakthroughs.

This is the starting point for you to BE the answer, the solution, and the idea.

Welcome to the family! Let's have some fun and bring bright light to those around you.

Bada bing bada boom!!!


As you invest towards your better future, you are also investing in the future of others.

Sown.IO is committed into investing its revenue towards the equipping and betterment of our students around the globe. As we grow together, we will be able to provide our students access to large Salesforce instances that are geared towards training students with scalability, such as managing hundreds of users (employees), managing millions of records of data, developing highly scalable applications to handle massive amounts of processes, change set deployments, and many more.

Students will be able to train themselves without the use of their own limited salesforce org. By tapping in our Sown.IO salesforce instances, they are literally accessing the type of instances that are running millions of records and all kinds of fun stuff that are simply not available in a dev org or a trailhead playground.

Join the movement, become a big player, sow to your better future while training with us!

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