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Snowflake Concepts and Fundamentals [2020]


Snowflake Concepts and Fundamentals [2020]

Snowflake Concepts and Fundamentals [2020]. Quick way to learn and practice Snowflake concepts with hands-on labs. Hot & New.

What you'll learn

  • Snowflake concepts, architecture & hands-on exercise to kick start their learning Snowflake journey
  • This course will also highlight few industry use case of Snowflake covering some best practices. This course reinforces the learning through hands on labs, assignments & quizzes.


  • basic SQL and database knowledge
  • Some background on Cloud/AWS


If you are busy and want to understand the Snowflake concepts and its architecture then this course will help you build an understanding. There is no prior Snowflake knowledge required to complete this course .

In this course, there is a great emphasis on the hands-on activities to ensure the concepts are well embedded into the thoughts than just theory

Who this course is for:

  • Who want to understand the concept of Cloud data platform and want to get insight on how it works

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