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Thinking in SQL


Thinking in SQL


Thinking in SQL will help you understand what SQL queries do, how to create and change them, and how to create reports from the data you obtain. If you want to know how to write better SQL queries, you have to change the way you think about the code New
What you'll learn

  • SQL for data analysis & database querying
  • International SQL Standard (ISO/IEC) - apply learnings across any database
  • Increase job performance
  • Pass difficult SQL interview questions to land that job
  • Logical ordering of SQL Processing ("thinking in sql")
  • Mental models for complex SQL concepts ("thinking in sql")
  • Group By for summarizing data
  • When to use each of the 3 SQL filter clauses (WHERE, HAVING, ON)
  • Subqueries (correlated & uncorrelated)
  • Joins (inner & outer) - Understand the correct way to use joins


  • No prior programming or database experience required - just knowing how to use a web browser!


There are so many SQL courses to choose from, but how many really teach you the nitty gritty of how SQL works under-the-hood?  Why is this important? 

If you understand how SQL is processed, you can: 

  • better answer difficult interview questions

  • increase your productivity and get that promotion

  • not spend hours or days troubleshooting your queries, only to copy and paste an untested solution online

Learn how to write SQL properly by "thinking like a relational database":

  • Learn ISO/IEC/ANSI SQL Standard

  • Learn logical ordering of how SQL is processed

  • Illustrations solidify mental models that help you master complex queries

  • Understand the correct way to use joins

  • Learn how nulls are handled across each concept

  • Fully comprehend how group by works

  • 12 in-depth quiz/solution videos

  • No software downloading required - you can even do our course on an iPad or your work computer!

Besides covering a broad range of topics, my approach to teaching SQL is radically different from many other courses. Instead of taking a cookbook approach, this course teaches you how to "think like a database," meaning understanding the logical ordering of how SQL statements are processed. This is crucial to understanding how to formulate your queries correctly to get the expected results.

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