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50 Basic Tableau Charts Step by Step


50 Basic Tableau Charts Step by Step


50 Basic Tableau Charts Step by Step Getting Started with Visual Analytics(Link opens in a new window) (6 minutes) video tutorial. Use your account to sign in. Also see different chart types ...New

What you'll learn

  • Tableau basic charts


After introducing some important concepts in Tableau, this course introduces how to make 50 basic tableau charts, which are mostly used in tableau reports, step by step. In the next chapter, it is discussed that how to choose right charts for different business requirement. Usually, there are several ways to make a chart, in this course, I only introduce the simplest and most efficient way. This course is the series one of "Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Tableau Charts Step by Step" series course, which will be put on Udemy in near future.

Who this course is for:

  • Tableau Beginner

Michael Ye
Tableau Ambassador 2019 & 2020
I am a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst and Tableau Trainer from California. I have 10 years experience in data visualization tools and have served many clients in US, such as Walmart Headquarters, Intuitive Surgical, PNC Bank, Boeing,Levi’s, Hyundai Capital, Bayer Pharma and Syngenta, etc. I have accumulated rich practical experience in various industry data like retail, supply chain, manufacture, HR, healthcare, financing, investment, transportation and pharmaceuticals. I sponsor a YouTube channel which focuses on Tableau advanced tips and tricks which I developed during the former projects for clients. I have recorded more than 100 hours video courses and have successfully helped many people to change majors to Tableau. I am active in Tableau community to answer questions for users. I am a Tableau group leader and has been chosen as Tableau Ambassador in 2019 and 2020.

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