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Android Machine Learning with TensorFlow lite in Java/Kotlin


Android Machine Learning with TensorFlow lite in Java/Kotlin


Android Machine Learning with TensorFlow lite in Java/Kotlin Learn Machine Learning use in Android using Kotlin,Java ,Android studio and Tensorflow Lite ,Build 10+ ML Android Apps

What you'll learn

  • Train machine learning models on datasets and developing Android Applications
  • Use Trained Machine Learning models inside Android Application using Android Studio
  • Train 10+ machine learning models and build Android Application for those models
  • Learn Basics of Python Programming language
  • Learn popular Machine Learning libraries like Numpy,Pandas and Matplotlib
  • Complete understanding of Machine Learning ,Deep Learning and Neural Networks
  • Learn basics of Tensorflow 2.0
  • Learn about Tensorflow Lite
  •  Generating Tensorflow lite model from Keras model, saved model, concrete function
  • Train and deploy classification and regression models
  • Training recognition models and creating Android Applications for those models
  • Deploy Machine Learning models using Android Studio



  • You should have some basic knowledge of Android App Development using Java or Kotlin

Tired of traditional Android App Development courses? Now its time to learn something new and trending for Android. Machine Learning is at its peak and Android App Development is also in demand than what is better than learning both?

This course is designed for Android developers who want to learn Machine Learning and deploy machine learning models in their android apps using TensorFlow Lite. If you have very basic knowledge of Android App development and want to learn Machine Learning use in Android Applications this course is for you. This course will get you started in building your FIRST deep learning model and Android Application using both java and Kotlin Tensorflow Lite, and Android studio. We will learn about machine learning and deep learning and then train your first model and deploy it in android application using Android studio. All the materials for this course are FREE.

You can implement Application build during the apps using both java and kotlin. Separate Lectures are provided for both of these languages.

You don't need any prior knowledge of Machine Learning to start this course. We will start by learning

  • Python Programming Language
  • Data Science Libraries
  • Basics of Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Tensorflow and Tensorflow Lite

Then we will train our first Machine Learning model and Develop Android Application for it using Android Studio.

The course includes examples from basic to advance

  • A very simple example
  • Example using saved model
  • Example using concrete function
  • Predicting fuel efficiency of automobiles (Regression Example)
  • Recognizing handwritten digits (Classification example)
  • Cats and Dogs classification
  • Rock Paper and Scissors Problem
  • Flowers Recognition Example
  • Stones Recognition Example
  • Fruits Recognition Example
  • Predicting Fitness of a person Practice Activity
  • Human and Horse Practice Activity

For each of these examples, we will firstly train Machine Learning model then build Android Application

We will start by learning about the basics of the Python programming language. Then we will learn about some famous Machine Learning libraries like Numpy, Matplotlib, and Pandas. After that, we will learn about Machine learning and its types. Then we look at Supervised learning in detail. We will try to understand classification and regression through examples. After we will start Deep learning. We start by looking and the basic structure of neural networks. Then we will understand the working of neural networks through an example.

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