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AWS Certified Solutions Architect 2020 - Italian Version


AWS Certified Solutions Architect 2020 - Italian Version


Become a Cloud Architect and get "Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2020/2021" Certification

What you'll learn

  • Take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2018 Certification Exam and have a good chance of passing it.
  • Create and manage EC2 instances using load balancers and Auto Scaling.
  • Define and manage each STORAGE option present in the AWS cloud.
  • Know every aspect of NETWORKING and network services in general.
  • Learn more about SECURITY aspects of the AWS infrastructure.
  • Create and manage both relational and NoSQL DATABASES.
  • Create a High Reliability Wordpress infrastructure.
  •  Know and test multiple AWS services for the most varied activities.
  • ...and so much more!



Why take a certification in the Cloud environment? Because now you can't do without it.

The IT landscape, Italian and international, is rapidly evolving and infrastructures are evolving accordingly.

From the physical server to virtualization up to the Cloud Computing that has upset, for several reasons, the scenarios we were used to.

Companies are in turmoil and a real race to adapt and modernize every datacenter has just begun; specifically to migrate them to Cloud environments.

And what is currently the most popular and appreciated Cloud service provider? Simple! The answer is Amazon. Specifically, Amazon Web Service, abbreviated AWS.

However, there is a problem: it is necessary, indeed indispensable, to have highly specialized professionals who are able to design and manage these complex systems composed of multiple components and services.

Here is the reason why you need to get the “AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate 2020”; indeed the reasons:
You have to show companies that you have Cloud skills: expressing it in words is not enough.

  • You must have complete knowledge of Amazon's cloud offering, you must know each service.
  • You must be immediately operational and ready to carry out any required activity.
  • You have to keep up with the times in order not to be excluded from the world of work.
  • Cloud Computing is constantly growing and evolving and will not stop doing it.
  • You need to evolve your skills and skills. You have to renew yourself. To update.
  • You have to invest in your future. Now and without waiting any longer.

This course will give you everything you need, to guarantee you an adequate preparation, in view of the Certification Exam.

Over 15 hours of courses, over 500 slides, workshops and quizzes will put you in a position to take the exam and have a good chance of passing it.

Having it completely in Italian is the great added value: you will be able to grasp every nuance of a speech and be sure that you have understood a concept well, without the risk of misunderstanding.

The subdivision of the topics is not accidental, it has been analyzed in detail, until the following structure is obtained:

  • CALCULATION services.
  • STORAGE services.
  • NETWORKING services.
  • SECURITY services.
  • DATABASE services.
  • Other services.

Sarà un viaggio formativo guidato: il processo di apprendimento sarà graduale e ogni argomento sarà la successiva conseguenza dell’altro.

Partiremo con un’introduzione alla certificazione così da comprendere quale sarà il tuo obiettivo finale.

Ti verranno poi presentati i servizi Amazon AWS così da avere una visione generale e rendersi conto del percorso.

Entreremo poi nel vivo della certificazione e ogni sezione sarà composta da:

  • Video Teorici corredati da slide, semplici ed immediate, focalizzate solo sui punti realmente importanti.
  • Video Pratici con i quali potrai testare e sperimentare quanto appreso nella teoria.
  • Consigli e suggerimenti utili che aumenteranno le tue possibilità di successo nell’esame di certificazione.

Noi di NinjaCloud non possiamo garantirti al 100% che supererai l’esame, ma possiamo prometterti che faremo il possibile affinchè tu possa avere la preparazione più adeguata e completa possibile.

Questa è la nostra missione e il nostro obiettivo.

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