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Data Analysis & Programming Automation using Python & Pandas


Data Analysis & Programming Automation using Python & Pandas


Data Analysis & Programming Automation using Python & Pandas Learn programming in Python,Data Science,Data Visualization,Creating Object Oriented design architecture with Pandas.

What you'll learn

  • Learn Programming In Python using Jupyter Notebook.
  • Automating Simple Tasks using Python
  • Data Analysis using Pandas and Numpy.
  • Data Visualization using Matplotlib.
  • Implementing Object Oriented Design to build a Business Intelligence module with Python and Pandas.
  • Advanced Data Analysis using Venn Diagrams,statistical functions,advanced features of Pandas.
  • Practice working with Sales Data.


  • No prior knowledge required.


This course gives you the strong foundation in Python and the most important libraries in Python for Data Science which are Pandas,Matplotlib and Numpy.

The course is designed in a bottom-up strategy where the emphasis is on building the concepts from foundational to more advanced.The advantage is that the learner at all the times is able to rely on his/her previously learned concepts.

Here you will have the opportunity to practice on real life datasets and will learn  to draw important conclusions from them.

It is designed for all the skill levels and even if you have no C.S.  or Statistical background,you will complete this course successfully.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning Python,Data Science,Data Visualization,applications of Object Oriented Programming in Data Science.

Shashank Saurav
Senior Data Analyst at eLogist Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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