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Data Visualization: Data Visualization from A to Z (3)


Data Visualization: Data Visualization from A to Z (3)


Data Visualization: Data Visualization from A to Z (3) Learn Data Visualization Like a Pro! Get the basics of Seaborn, Plotly and Matplotlib with Python!

What you'll learn

  • Now you will be able to add "Data Science and Visualization" capability to your CV with peace of mind.
  • You will broadcast to the whole world with the project we will do at the end of the course
  • With different visualization techniques, it will be easier for you to understand the data and your vision will expand in the field of data science.
  • You will specialize in matplotlib, seaborn and plotly, data visualization core libraries.
  • You will be one step closer to the Artificial Intelligence course, which is our ultimate goal.


  • It is necessary to have taken the course "Python: Programming from Scratch to Expert (1)" or to know the basics of python!
  • Have an internet connected computer
  • Big and beautiful dreams about goals and the future
  • Finally, a passion for data science and artificial intelligence is enough to take this course.


Hello friends,

This course is the third part of our 7-part final goal.

  • Python: Python Zero to Expert Programming (1)
  • Data Science and Python: Data Science from Zero to Expertise (2)
  • Visualization Tools
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Statistical Learning (Statistics)
  • Artificial Intelligence

In the Data Visualization course, we will learn both how to make data visualization with Python language and the basis for artificial intelligence, which is our ultimate goal.

Why Data Visualization?

  • The human brain can easily make sense by visualizing a very complex structure,
  • It makes it easier to access information in the data,
  • It is one of the foundations of data science,
  • It is easy to understand and apply.

Your Receivables With This Course

  • Coding Skill From Scratch: We write code with you. Each lesson starts with a blank page and we write the code from scratch. You can proceed this way and get a full understanding of how the code comes together and what each line means.
  • Codes and Templates: You can download every Python templates and code we create in the course. This will allow you to both practice the code later and create your own projects more easily thanks to the template.
  • Theory and Logic: We are not only telling you how to write code, but also the logic and theory behind the code we write, as well as why we write such code.
  • In-course support: We don't just lecture you with video. We have created a team of professional Data Scientists to support you. This means that you will get answers to your course or extracurricular questions within a maximum of 72 hours.
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