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Db2 LUW - Database Administration & Certification Workshop


Db2 LUW - Database Administration & Certification Workshop


Db2 LUW - Database Administration & Certification Workshop A complete beginner course on becoming a highly paid Db2 Professional. Get loaded, Get Certified, Get Hired!

What you'll learn

  • Understand the Architecture of DB2 (you will learn about various DB2 components that work together as a database engine)
  • Install & Configure DB2 on Windows and Linux platforms (you will learn to install & configure DB2 in multiple ways)
  • Work on various GUI and Command Line Tools of DB2 (you will explore different DB2 tools available to perform various administration tasks like creating databases, performing backup and recovery etc )
  •     Create and Manage various database objects in DB2 (you will learn about db objects like tables, views, indexes etc, and there properties. you will learn how to create, access, alter and drop them)
  • Understand and Execute SQL statements in DB2 (you will learn to write basic and advanced SQL queries to manage your databases and db objects)
  • Create and Manage DB2 Instances & Databases (you will learn about instances and related concepts. you will create, list and drop instances and databases with DB2 commands)
  • Administer and Manage Database Storage (you will understand and manage storage for DB2 databases.)
  • Administer DB2 Security (you will understand how security is laid down in DB2. you will learn about Authentication, Authorization and Privileges. you will learn how to administer security for your DB2 system)
  • Administer and Manage Data Concurrency (you will learn about locking and it's behaviour in various concurrent access situations and also about how to maintain a highly concurrent db environment for users)
  • Perform Backup and Recovery operations (you will learn various backup and recovery mechanisms in DB2. you also learn about various logging types available and how to manage DB logging effectively)
  • Prepare for Professional IBM DB2 Certification Exams (after going through all the above concepts, should you decide to go for professional IBM Certification, you will have access to practice questions that will help you understand the difficulty level of the main examination questions and help you prepare for the main certification exam)


Most thorough DB2 DBA course on Web :  40 hours of video content
Highest rated DBA course on Udemy
The top most relevant DB2 DBA course on Udemy

Course upgraded to DB2 10.x and DB2 11.x on Linux
DB2 10.5 Certification Questions added

Why Learn DB2 ?

  • Better paid jobs and a great career choice !
  • An average DB2 DBA salary is $72,000 p.a. --(source-indeed dot com)

What are the chances of landing up with a DB2 Job?

  • High !
  • Most people go for Oracle, MS SQL and other DBA jobs.
  • There are a good number of DB2 DBA jobs too (for freshers and exp.), but it's hard to find good DB2 Professionals.
  • Take the advantage, get hired by Big Companies and get a Better Compensation.

What companies use DB2?

  • To name a few
  • Dominos Pizza, Morgan Stanley, PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC), American Express, Coca Cola, IBM, Deloitte, McDonald's, VISA, Mastech, Conexess Group, Accenture, Kforce, Open Systems Technologies , Walmart , TCS, Infosys, CSC, XEROX, HP, Guardian Life, CapGemini, WIPRO
  • and many more. (source - indeed dot com and glassdoor dot com)

What's the future of being associated with DB2?

  • DB2 is high competition to other databases and being IBM's biggest selling software in databases, its here to stay for ages.
  • With it's Oracle compatibility features in DB2 9.7, it's getting harder for competitors.

Is this course sufficient to get a DB2 DBA Job?

  • Yes.
  • This course provides a strong conceptual knowledge (that most interviewers look for) backed by practical learning (that adds to your employment chances).
  • After completing the course, you will have the knowledge of DB2, equivalent to a 0.5-1.5 Years exp professional.

Will I be able to learn DB2?

  • Sure !
  • You just need to have the zeal to learn. I've put in best of my efforts to make this course as simple as i could (from a beginners perspective) , by explaining concepts that should be easy to understand and the step-by-step tutorials (demos) will be really easy to follow.
  • The course has Quizzes, Exercises and Resources to back you up with your learning.
  • I am here to share my knowledge and experience on DB2, connect with you guys, participate in the discussion forums, answer questions you ask and make sure you learn DB2 like nobody else can do.
  • You'll be a pro at DB2 !

What about the Professional IBM DB2 Certification?

  • A professional DB2 certification ensures that you have been tested on the skills by the giant itself (IBM).
  • I have trained 12000+ students on DB2 and the certification success ratio has been over 95%.
  • This course covers all concepts and practicals that will help you clear the certification (if you choose to go for it) with good marks. There is a section dedicated completely towards clearing the DB2 Certification. The sample certification questions will help you in clearing the main DB2 exam.

Any Pre-Requisites?

  • It's good to have a basic understanding of DBMS concepts and SQL. Although, i've covered these concepts too during the lectures.
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