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GUI Development & Speech Recognition with Python Masterclass


GUI Development & Speech Recognition with Python Masterclass

GUI Development & Speech Recognition with Python Masterclass. Graphical and Voice User Interface Development using Python Basic to ...Highest Rated

What you'll learn

  • Master GUI Development with Tkinter
  • Learn Geometry Managers in Tkinter: Grid ,Pack and Place
  • Understand how you can create your own styles and use them in your applications
  • Learn wide variety of widgets, such as Button,Canvas ,Checkbutton, Entry, Label, Listbox, Menubutton, Message, Radiobutton, Scrollbar, Toplevel, Spinbox, PanedWindow, LabelFrame
  •     Learn VUI (Voice User Interface)
  • Building basic Apps With TKinter
  • Text to Speech Conversion using Python
  • Speech to Text Conversion using Python
  • Speech Recognition in Python using Google Speech API
  • Project on GUI and VUI such as Text to Speech, Digital Clock, Today's Day using Speech Recognition, Restart your Computer with Speech Recognition, Convert image to text and text to speech


  • It start with Basics
  • Only a passion for Learning
  • All software used in this course is either available for Free or as a Demo version
  • This course is intended for absolute beginners in programming


This Course Cover Topics such as CLI (Command Line Interface), GUI  (Graphical User Interface) and VUI (Voice User Interface), Tkinter Library Use for GUI Development, Speech Recognition, Voice User Interface (VUI), Text to Speech, Speech to Text, Project of GUI and VUI

This is best course for any one who wants to start career in Graphical User Interface and Voice User Interface Development.

Who this course is for:

  • Learner who wants develop GUI and VUI using Python

Piyush Dave
Professional Trainer of Python, Data Science, AI, ML

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