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Introduction to Data Science


Introduction to Data Science 


Introduction to Data Science Data science is all about using data to solve problems. The problem could be decision making such as identifying which email is spam and which is not. ... So, the core job of a data scientist is to understand the data, extract useful information out of it and apply this in solving the problems.

What you'll learn

  • Programming with R, Python, and SQL
  • Understand roles and careers in data science
  • Sourcing data
  • Data science in math and statistics
  • Data science and machine learning


  • basic understanding of R programming language


Welcome to this course on Data Science. Demand for data science talent is exploding. Develop your career as a data scientist, as you explore essential skills and principles.

This course covers the necessary tools and concepts used in the data science industry, including machine learning, statistical inference, working with data at scale and much more.

First, we'll start by showing you the entire process for data science projects and the different roles and skills that are needed. Then you'll learn the basics of obtaining data through a variety of sources, including web APIs and page scraping. We'll show you how to use tools like R, Python, the command line, and even spreadsheets to explore and manipulate data.

We'll also take a look at powerful techniques for analyzing data. We'll be covering a variety of techniques for planning, performing, and presenting your projects to help you get started in data science and making the most of the data that's all around you. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Data Science
  • Anyone interested in a Data Scientist career
  • Software developers or programmers
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