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Learn Angular (8/9/10) from 0 with 10 completed projects

Learn Angular (8/9/10) from 0 with 10 completed projects


Learn Angular (8/9/10) from 0 with 10 completed projects Learn to make Front-End web applications

What you'll learn

  • Manejar los conceptos b├ísicos de Angular.
  • Entender todo lo que compone Angular (componentes, servicios, directivas, pipes, etc).
  • Crear aplicaciones web con Angular.
  • Desplegar tus propias aplicaciones en un servidor.


Welcome to my Angular course (8/9)! Angular is experiencing enormous growth in Front-End web development, so if you are in this sector sooner or later you have to learn this Javascript framework from Google.

In this course, I want you to get started in this framework and we will do it from small applications to more complex ones.

We will learn all the components that make up Angular to make our web applications.

These will be the applications that we will do in this course:

  • Question and answers: First application to start with the basics of angular, the components, the structure of this and * ngIf and * ngFor directives.
  • Task list: we create our own tasks and we can view those that are complete and those that are not. In this app, we will learn how the components communicate with each other, using Input and Output.
  • Contacts agenda: we will add our contacts through a form and we will view them on the screen. We will see the potential of forms in Angular in this app.
  • Cocktail app: using the cocktaildb API, we will perform filters to find our preferred cocktails. In this app, we will see how to use the services to collect information from outside. We will also see how models (classes) are created and used.
  • Dream trips: We will load a list of countries in a list that we can drag and move to another list using drag and drop. We will see how to use angular Material and angular's own directives.
  • Dream trips (improvement 1): We see how to use an install and put a map from Google maps. For each country that we indicate, a mark will be placed on the map.
  • Juani hairdresser reservations: Using a form, we will enter the data to add a reservation. Through a login, we can see the reservations that have been created for us. Reservations are saved in FireBase. The form will be a reactive form.
  • Juani hairdresser reservations (improvement 1): We add a calendar (fullcalendar) to show reservations.
  • Burger Queen: We imitate the quick order panels of fast food chains, reviewing all of the above but even higher. Orders will be saved in FireBase.
  • Burger Queen (improvement 1): We add paypal as a payment method
  • Dashboard: Back of the dynamic blog application, it will allow us to create posts and categories. We will see graphics, component inheritance, guards and directives. Everything is saved in FireBase
  • Dynamic blog: We show the posts we save through the dashboard application, the application is an imitation of my original website, discoduroderoer.
  • Control expenses: Application to control our expenses and income to have a global idea of ​​how we spend our money, being able to create new users and log into the app. We will use graphics, details, animations, subscriptions, custom validators, forms, etc. We will manage everything from FireBase.

As an extra, I add the applications that we make on YouTube and Twitch.

All applications have been tested in the following versions:

  1. v8.0.1
  2. v8.2.14
  3. v9.1.2
  4. v10.0.5

See you on the course!

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