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Learn Big Data(Spark) for Data Science–Machine Learning &NLP


Learn Big Data(Spark) for Data Science–Machine Learning &NLP


Learn Big Data(Spark) for Data Science–Machine Learning &NLP Learn Big Data - Hadoop-Spark/PySpark & Data Science from basics of Stats,Machine Learning,NLP using Spark :AllLevels

What you'll learn

  • Understand Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Need of Big Data and Distributed systems
  • Big Data Overview
  • Hadoop, YARN - Architecture
  • Spark / PySpark - Over View and Architecture
  • RDD and Data Frame Hands on Practices using PySpark - Spark Core, Spark SQL
  • Statistics & Mathematics Basics using Spark
  • Machine Learning Algorithms (Deeper Insights - Master Level ) - Linear Regression, Linear Regression Assumptions , Logistic Regression,AUC & ROC Curves , Decision_Trees, Clustering and More...
  • Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms using Spark (Big Data) - Spark MLlib
  • Natural Language Processing(NLP), Text Mining
  • NLP using Spark
  • Deep Learning
  • End to End Implementation and Maintenance of Data Science / Machine Learning Algorithms in Production
  • How to attend Data Science Interviews and build your CV


  • No prerequisites


This Course is designed for Beginners to start learning/Understanding Big Data & Data Science from the basics of Mathematics , Statistics, Machine Learning , NLP (Text Mining) & Deep Learning using Big Data technologies like Hadoop Spark/PySpark- MLib etc..

I will be teaching everything from scratch for any person to learn all Data Science related topics in detail from Scratch including Multiple Use cases with hands-on.

Also , Will be providing multiple use cases and Practical assignments for Spark Programming to Learn  Machine Learning and Text Mining Etc..

Who this course is for:

  • ANY ONE who want to learn Big Data & Data Science (IT & Non-IT professionals)
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