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Learn Python in only one day


Learn Python in only one day 


Learn Python in only one day Programming is one of the very important skills that people value a lot in this era. Not only it can help you get a well-paid software engineer job, but it can also train ...New

What you'll learn

  • Python basics
  • How to create algorithms
  • How to implement algorithms in Python
  • Loops
  • How to store the data in Python
  • Functions and Classes: How to code as clean as possible
  • How to solve exercises


  • no prerequisites.


Learning of the basics, algorithms, loops etc, to REALLY understand this amazing programming language

This course offers a nice introduction of this amazing programming language, to perform some interesting projects.

The course is partially focused on Artificial Intelligence (how to store the data), but, covers different topics, and you will be able to use this guide even if you want to work in the field of Software Testing, Internet of Things (IoT), Backend development, etc.

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and who need the basics of this programming language
  • PhD Candidates who need to analyze data
  • MBA Candidates interested in the powerful use of Python and AI for the decision-making
  • Mechanical Engineers trying to impove some Manufacturing processes with the use of Python and AI
  • Industrial Engineers with a motivation to use Python and AI for predictive maintenance
  • Mechatronics Engineers who want to use software for self-driving cars
  • Finance students, who want to use AI for algorithmic trading
  • Non-qualified professionals who want to use Python for starting a new career
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