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Learn R language from scratch with Rstudio Cloud


Learn R language from scratch with Rstudio Cloud


Learn R language from scratch with Rstudio Cloud You do not need to know programming: You will learn to manipulate, structure, process and graph data with Rstudio Cloud

What you'll learn

  • Aprenderás el manejo de la plataforma online Rstudio Cloud
  • Aprenderás la estructura y el flujo para gestion de proyectos en Rstudio Cloud
  • Aprenderás los fundamentos de la creación y ejecución de scripts en Rstudio Cloud
  • Aprenderás la definición de variables para el tratamiento de datos en Rstudio Cloud.
  • Aprenderás a defnir correctamente ciclos repetitivos y el flujo de control en los scripts de R
  • Aprenderás a instalar paquetes, también a usar funciones pre-establecidas en Rstudio.
  • Aprenderás a importar datos desde fuera y dentro de Rstudio Cloud.
  • Aprenderás a preparar datos importados para el procesameinto con Rstudio
  • Aprenderás a crear gráficos para el análisis visual de datos en Rstudio Cloud.
  • Tendrás apoyo activo de Preguntas y Respuestas.


Language R and Rstudio Cloud are positioning themselves for many reasons as one of the most popular tools for data analysis at a global level, and because they are also very easy to learn.

The R language is designed for quick and easy statistical calculations, mathematical calculations, and graph creation. R is also gaining ground as the programming language used for data science, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence.

In this course I will show you step by step how to create scripts for data analysis in a very simple way. All this, with RStudio Cloud which is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the R programming language, along with other languages ​​and code formats; And now, we have it available entirely in the cloud dedicated to statistical and graphics computing in multiple display and interactivity formats. It includes: a console, a script editor that supports code execution, as well as tools for drawing, debugging and managing the workspace, which can be shared with other collaborators online.

If you do not have programming experience and knowledge, don't worry, RStudio Cloud and Language R will be very easy to learn with this course.

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